Ever wondered how to grow indoor cannabis? It’s not easy as you might expect. Now there’s a forum where you can post questions, start threads, and follow other like-minded individuals as they discuss indoor cannabis growing in the new forum Big Grow Room.

It’s free to join and participate in all the forums. Create a profile, upload your avatar, and build your reputation by posting threads and answering questions. This forum is run by the members but there is also a support staff ready to help you with technical questions about using the website.

Cannabis business are welcome to join and share their expertise. Post ads in the Advertising forum. Create a signature you can use in all your posts with links to your website, social media, and phone so you never miss a sales opportunity.

Upload pictures and videos, document successes and failures, and private message other users for tips and techniques. It’s all in one forum. Whether you’re a newbie or professional grower, the Big Grow Room has something for everyone.

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