Here’s answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer here, simply contact a support engineer via our support portal.



Is it really free?

Yes. Basic listings don’t cost anything. The listings will be on the website for two years. Then you have to renew it…but that’s free, too! The only thing you would ever pay for is an upgrade. Upgrades are always totally optional.



What if I need support?

That’s easy. Just email support@freecannabis.directory or use our support form. Using either of these methods will get your tech or billing support question immediately to one of our support engineers. Our support engineers will then take it from there.



I have a crazy link to my listing. What can I do?

Do you have a crazy link to your listing? A lot of people do. It can be caused by several things. The first–and most obvious–reason is that someone else has the same business name in a different state. They got your link first and now you’re stuck with /my-business-2 as your business listing link. Or, you may have made three or four versions of your listing, deleting the old ones, and now you’re stuck with /my-business-5 as your listing link. Let us know if this has happened. We can usually find a solution for you and fix your listing behind the scenes. Just contact a support engineer.