Are you interested in getting into the lucrative cannabis industry but don’t know where to start? Do you want to own your own piece of the cannabis industry but don’t want to actually sell cannabis? We may have a business we can sell to you directly.

We have a slew of websites we’ve built that don’t involve the buying or selling of cannabis. Some of our cannabis websites are informational websites, some are advertising websites, and some cannabis business directories. These websites don’t require you to actually buy and sell cannabis, be regulated by cannabis boards, or fall under regulation by the state like cannabis dispensaries and growers.

Let us know if you’re interested in finding out more. Just email me for more information or call me at tel:916-289-0543. I can give you the low down on how easy it can be to carve your niche in the cannabis industry without touching the product.

Your purchase will include:
1. free domain transfer to you
2. 12 months of email & phone support
3. Optional ongoing support (additional fee)
4. Optional hosting with Big Bud’s Hosting (additional fee)
5. Full rights that come with ownership of he business
6. Existing members and paying clients (if any)
7. Advertising (paid and free) hosted on your website Advertisers with free/paid contracts will remain on the website to fulfill the contract.

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